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Research Paper

Introduction to Stock Option Pricing Analytics

Spring 2023

During his academic studies, Abhyuday conducted an in-depth research paper and presentation on option pricing models, specifically focusing on the Binomial Trees and Black-Scholes models. 

The research aimed to compare and evaluate the effectiveness and applicability of these models in pricing financial options. By examining their underlying principles, assumptions, and practical implementations, Abhyuday sought to gain insights into their strengths and limitations. The research paper and presentation provided a comprehensive analysis of the Binomial Trees and Black-Scholes models, two widely used approaches for pricing options in financial markets. Abhyuday thoroughly examined the theoretical foundations, assumptions, and mathematical frameworks of both models, emphasizing their respective advantages and limitations.

Engineering project

The Integration of Guitar and Bass

Spring 2023

Abhyuday   led a team in utilizing CAD, wood-working, and engineering skills to design and construct a multi-functional wooden guitar-like musical instrument that doubles as a bass. By leveraging CAD software, he and his team created a precise blueprint, and through careful material selection and craftsmanship, we built a high-quality instrument. The integration of guitar and bass characteristics presented a unique challenge, which they successfully addressed by incorporating dual-pickup systems and optimizing the scale length and string tension. This project showcased Abhyuday’s ability to combine creativity, technical expertise, and attention to detail in delivering an innovative and versatile musical instrument.

Research Paper

Traffic Analytics of Aurobindo Ro

January 2021

Abhyuday conducted an in-depth research project examining the traffic flow in New Delhi, known as the world’s busiest capital.

Through rigorous data collection, analysis, and interpretation, Abhyuday aimed to understand the complex dynamics and challenges associated with managing traffic in a densely populated metropolitan area. The research paper delved into various aspects of traffic flow in New Delhi, including congestion patterns, road infrastructure, public transportation systems, and the impact of urban development. He collected and analysed large volumes of traffic data using sophisticated statistical methods, such as the Lighthill-Whitham-Rights model, and mapping techniques to identify trends, bottlenecks, and potential solutions.

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